Apache connection slow

Apache connection slow

Post by Eastwood Fo » Sat, 02 Dec 2000 13:34:47

Hi guys

Can you please help me to findout what problem about my apache server?
My web server very slow in two days ago (not routing or network problem)

I very hard to access to it from browser. Sometime have time-up to
connect to it
When I check with command ps, there I found the process below
   29705  ?  Z    0:00 (httpd <zombie>)

My apache is version 1.3.12
My linux is redhat 5.2



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I'm running Apache 1.1.1 on RedHat 4.0 behind a 33.6 modem and want to
do what I can to optimize performance.  It's a special interest site
with <300 unique hosts and <10,000 page hits/day.

1) Redhat configured Apache with HostNameLookups on.  Will it help
things if I turn this off?  If I need a hostname report my log file
analysis program can do the lookups.

2) Somehow I have referer and agent logs on.  Will performance improve
if I eliminate them?  To eliminate them should I recompile, eliminate
the directive in the .conf file, or send them to /dev/null?

3) Anything else I can do?

4) I know this is a Linux question but how can I determine my modem
connect speed.  There's nothing in /etc/messages about connect speed.

Thanks in advance
Bill Dolson

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