Apache 2.0 howto write my own http-header

Apache 2.0 howto write my own http-header

Post by Iggy Ostatti » Wed, 26 Jun 2002 21:12:42


  Can anyone help me with the following problem:

    We have this Netscape Fasttrack 3.02 module which must be ported to Apache
2.0 (for i assume obvious reasons). Now i got most of it working but:
this module writes the content it generates to the client itself and thus
also writes it's own http-header.

        Is there a way (using the C-api, but if anyone has a Perl-example it is
of course also welcome!)  to prevent Apache from writing the header?
        I know it is possible to modify the headers (by setting the values in the
'headers_out') , but that would mean a large rewrite of the module and if
i understand it correct, 'ap_send_http_header(r)' is oly included in 2.0
to maintain compatibility with 1.3?

        Tanx in advance,



1. HTTP headers and Apache 2.0


we are using Apache 2.0.16 beta because we need the multithreading
features in it for a module (c/c++) we wrote. This module acts as a
kind of proxy, so it gets a valid HTTP answer from a second process by
interprocess communication. We need this answer delivered to the
client unchanged, mainly we need to pass the cookies,
WWW-Authenticate, Server etc. fields generated by the module to be
send to the client unchanged.

We need something aquivalent to leaving the "ap_send_http_header" call
in apache 1.3 modules. Is it possible to make apache 2.0 not add his
own headers? I tried to copy the headers by a call to
"ap_scan_script_header_err_strs" (like in "mod_asis") and by copiing
the header fields in mynually (call to "ap_table_set"), but it seems
the Server field is replaced by apache afterwards.

Thanks for any help,


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