apache tomcat authentication

apache tomcat authentication

Post by Mark Winte » Thu, 16 Jan 2003 23:44:18

We run apache 1.3.x (Latest) and configured with PHP4. Running fine. We
recently added tomcat
module for jsp support. tomcat is installed under /opt/tomcat and apache is
under /opt/apache.

Apache DocRoot is /opt/apache/htdocs and Tomcat JSP pages are

We wanted to restrict access and we use htpasswd/.htaccess (ssl) in apache
for PHP. But the tomcat module does not have any authentication. If we copy
the jsp to apache docroot then jsp is not working.

Can someone please suggest me, how to i use same apache authentication with
tomcat?. (We do not want to maintain another passwd database).

Thanks in advance,



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We have an Apache webserver running on port 80, and a tomcat-4 running
on localhost:8080.

Apache uses mod_rewite and mod_proxy to access some jsp pages and
servlets living on tomcat.

We use apache basic authentication to protect this URL, and we get the
apache login panel up, and can autenticate etc. The requests gets
proxied to tomcat, which processes some jsp and servlet pages, but the
servlets need access to the REMOTE_USER (the logged in user) - how do
we get access to that? It seems (but we are not 100% sure), that
apache is not forwarding the http headers containing authentication
information to tomcat? We use the HttpServletRequest.getRemoteUser()
but it returns null.

Any hints on this?

Relevant snippets from apache:

# Tomcat proxy
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^/base/(.*)$1  [P]
ProxyPassReverse /base/ http://localhost:8081/base/

Thanks for any information...Our deadline is comming up fast now :-)


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