URL-decoding on Apache 1.1.1

URL-decoding on Apache 1.1.1

Post by Milos Cekovi » Fri, 29 Nov 1996 04:00:00


In one of my HTML-pages I got following tag:

<FORM ACTION=3D"/cgi-bin/owi/A/R0=3D%2Fdict%2F&QS=3DUBSDict" METHOD=3D"PO=

  ( %2F means / )

"owi" is a script that gets "A/R0=3D%2Fdict%2F&QS=3DUBSDict".

The CERN 3.0 server passes owi the same string, that is: =


But Apache 1.1.1 decodes the URL in /cgi-bin/owi/A/R0=3D/dict/&QS=3DUBSDi=
and tryes to find this document. I got "File not found"-message.

Can I switch off this decoding of %XX ?

Thanks in advance,


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