Location: header with .htaccess protection

Location: header with .htaccess protection

Post by Rajee » Fri, 23 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am having problems using the Location: directive together
with .htaccess protection in a /cgi-bin directory. Nothing
relevant to this was found in the documentation and FAQ's in
the internet. I have examined this in detail on NCSA 1.5a,
but had a brief glimpse of the same difficulty on Netsite 1.1.

I have a script A that returns the header
Location: <another script B>
A and B are in the same directory.

If A and B are in an unprotected directory, things work fine.
But if A and B are in a directory with .htaccess in it, the
initial call to A is successful with authentication prompts and all,
but the call to B fails, even reauthorization from the browser
at the "Authorization failed" prompt does not work.

Similar results occur when another script is called by a form
that was generated by a script in the same directory.

Solutions attempted:
I tried all the obvious things like looking up the access.conf file,

Anyone out there have any +ve/-ve experience doing this?

Rajeev Jain
Information Services, NYSERNET, Inc.


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