CERN httpd -password protection setup

CERN httpd -password protection setup

Post by Ahsan Haqu » Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I've posted a similar message about a week ago, and would like to
thank everyone who's responded.

I'm still having trouble setting up cern httpd protection.
the way our server (intel based; running Novell's Unixware) is setup
right now, all the configration files are stored in
the files there are httpd.conf, all.conf, prot.conf, and proxy.conf
and caxhing.conf.

I've modified the prot.conf file to include the protection of
directories as outlines by the cern documents froim their web site,
but for some reason, when I load up the pages from Mosaic, it
never asks for a password entry.  Now, I'm wondering if I must
modify the all.conf or httpd.conf files as well. (Yes, I've created a
password hile using htadm).

Thianks in advance,


CERN httpd -password protection setup

Post by Kenneth Zingmar » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Maybe you already have done this but i ask anyway -  have you
created the file .www_acl ?
It should be located in the directory that you want to protect.


1. How-CERN httpd Protection?

Can anyone tell me how to setup the CERN httpd 3.0 server to restrict
access to certain directories? (So it asks for a userid and pw)

I've followed the skimpy dox at W3C, read all the FAQs, even read the
NCSA dox, but I still cannot get it to work.

I understand I can add a Protection {.. } rule in my httpd.conf file, or
have a separate file for it, and then specify the directory to protect.
(I know all the syntax). But everytime, the directory that should be
protected still gets shown, with no userid/pw request.

In the W3C dox, they use 2 different commands: GetMask and GET-Mask in
the same set of documents. Which is the correct one? (I've tried both
and that still doesn't help).

So, if someone can show me a sample setup of protecting a directory
tree, it would be greatly appreciated.


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