mwm and ksh aliases

mwm and ksh aliases

Post by Scott D. Tayl » Thu, 28 Apr 1994 15:12:16

Is there a way to get mwm to recognize my ksh aliases so that I can use
aliases in my .mwmrc file.  For example I might like to have the following
in my .mwmrc

Menu MainMenu
    "Lock screen"     f.exec "mylock"


where mylock is an alias for "xlock"

I can't get mwm to recognize mylock as an alias for xlock.  Any suggestions?

Scott D. Taylor


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I tried to compile, install, and run XDM on
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Nothing seemed to work right. XDM starts
aixterm kshs that you can't change the TERM
and DISPLAY env variables. They don't read
the user's .profile. The XDM Xservers file
has an undocumented option -sdebug in it
that seems to be required, but what does it
do?  And how do you get a ksh to read a
.kshrc? We do not yet have a system loaded
with InfoExplorer, so that's part of the

Any help would be really be appreciated.


Bruce E. Parkin

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