ksh prompt (PS1) and cd

ksh prompt (PS1) and cd

Post by Marcus Schwan » Wed, 05 Aug 1992 19:01:19

>>"Using ksh, how can one alias "cd" to change directory as well as
>>"to set PS1 to $PWD.
>>"I tried:
>>"alias cd="cd; PS1=$PWD"
>>"but didn't work.

Jeff Conner writes

Quote:> PS1='$PWD $ '                   export PS1

Right! I found the following quite nice: it leaves you
still some room to type in your command line, as long as you are
moving within your home directory.

export PS1='${PWD#$HOME/}: $ '


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Hi all,

I tried to write a script  that can display the prompt as Linux does for



Here is my script (It works on ksh of UnixWare 7)

UID=`id -u`
if [ $UID -eq 0 ]; then

# '

$ '

but It will not display properly after running the command 'priv' to become
another users.

I wonder if I can do a script that can display the prompt as Linux prompt on
almost Unix system in Bourne Shell or Korn Shell without to install Bash.

 Thanks in advance for any advise.


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