Reading data from multiple files to a single file

Reading data from multiple files to a single file

Post by Saqib Mausoo » Thu, 28 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I have a shell script that is reading information from 37 ports and
updating information into 37 different files. However, i would like to
combine these 37 files periodically into one big file, so that it is
ready to be loaded into my RDBS. Since my shell is kind of a login script
for the ports, each port runs a seperate specific instance, and I am
trying to launch a daemon which appends all these files into one file.

Any suggestions on a clean way to do this? Would there be problems
appending these files together when they are been written to, Can I read
data from all these files and write them out to the BIG file,

Thanks in advance, I have some ideas for this, but I open to suggestions,
since I am not too sure about how this will work.

Saqib Mausoof
I have a hard enough time speaking for myself, so speaking on behalf
of my employer is out of the question.


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