Got "Broken pipe" message during FTP session w/FTP script

Got "Broken pipe" message during FTP session w/FTP script

Post by Ming Fu » Fri, 20 Dec 1996 04:00:00


     I have a problem with the current FTP script that I am using:
   Here it is:


cat <<END
ftp -n -v << EOF
open "host"
user "user" "password" "account"
lcd local/directory

sed -e 's/.*/get &/' filelist

cat <<END


  What this script is supposed to do is to continuously "get file#.tar.Z."
from the "filelist" in one FTP command.  There are over 100 FILES
to get and this entire process consumes around 30 minutes.

    The MAJOR PROBLEM with this script is when I added the "-v" (verbose)
 command in the initial FTP command.  The reason I added the "-v" command
 was to get some FEEDBACK from the remote FTP server.  I'd say about
 90 percent of the time I get this ERROR displayed on my screen:

ftp: accept: Protocol error
426 Data connection: Broken pipe.
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
Not connected.
Not connected.
Not connected.
Not connected.

    After this message, I was KICKED OUT of my FTP site and only about
  25 percent of the files are TRANSFERRED OVER.

    The FUNNY THING is that when I GET RID OF the "-v" command in the  
  initial FTP script, EVERYTHING works fine (the script works 100  
  percent of the time).  All my files are safely
  transferred over BUT I want some sort of INDICATION from the remote
  server on what files are being transferred DISPLAYED on my screen.

  Any Suggestions ???


Ming Fung


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file gets FTP'd and then I get the message "Broken Pipe" from NCSA FTP...
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FTPing from the Linux machine to the DOS machine works like a charm...

The NCSA stuff is running on top of Crynwr packet driver(Ver 11)
and NE2100 clone.

TELNETs to the Linux box seem to work flawlessly also.

I realize my kernel is quite a few patches behind current-- but everything
has been working so nicely for me I didn't want to break it :-)  Maybe
I just need a kernel upgrade to fix this-- but I'd like good evidence
before doing it.

Any other ideas where I should look to solve this problem ?


Chris Elmquist, N0JCF           voice:  (612)631-7614

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