Restricted shell

Restricted shell

Post by Claude Dideri » Wed, 24 Aug 1994 00:42:38


Does any of you know about a restricted shell, i.e. a shell for which
the system manager can decide (maybe at compile time) which commands
the user is allowed to execute? If so, wher can I find it or wh can I
contact on this subject?

I want to offer some of my users an account in which they can a)
change their password, b) read their e-mail and c) check their file

If you reply by e-mail, I will summarize to the net.

Thanks in advance.

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1. restricted shell/restricting login

A while ago I posted a question about how to restrict logins to our
ultrix systems.  Someone sent me a C or shell script which I'm
embarassed to say I've misplaced.  I think is was called "syslogin".
Please re-send it to me, whoever you are (were).

Here's the problem I wish to solve:

What I want to do is split the modem pool into 2 numbers - one for
students and one for faculty/staff.  

I want to the login procedure to check which terminal server a connection
is coming from.  The procedure should then check the account and see if that
account is entitled to connect from that terminal server...if so,
then continue normally, if not then print a message like "Please dial
the number xxx-xxxx".

We have DEC terminal servers (I don't wish to use lat groups) and
Ultrix 4.2a.

I'm certain I'm not re-inventing the wheel here.  Any comments, suggestions
and pointers are most welcome.

Thanks in advance...

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