UNIX/ULTRIX shell Menu interface wanted (vt not x )

UNIX/ULTRIX shell Menu interface wanted (vt not x )

Post by Matthew Pears » Tue, 12 Jan 1993 02:23:35

I am looking for a shell program (so it can be very easilly modified by
anyone) that can be setup as a menu. I have an old DCL for the VMS
system menu that I installed for people in their older VAX accounts to
make things easier. I setup Mail, Download, etc as commands... and I am
looking for something similar for UNIX c-shell if it exists in 'C' I
could use that as well...


Matthew Pearson


1. help wanted on user interface to unix on ultrix.

I am searching for an user interface for unix for the people with very less
unix knowladge. The interface must meet the following properties:
1. text based interface such as lynx ( Internet )
2. must be able to execute local progs/scripts
3. must be able to attach to a server and provide lynx or so Internetworking,
Internet-investigating, and searching

lynx (internet) currently suppport 1 and 3, but 2 is not securely supported.
any help is quite welcome.
please e-mail.
Kursad Keskinege
Ege University
Comp Scie & Eng
Address: DSI 2. Bolge Mud 35100 IZMIR Turkiye
Voice: (90) 232 4865910/133

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