TCL/TK Coder needed

TCL/TK Coder needed

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Technology Locator Corporation, California's premier contract services
firm since 1983, has an immediate requirement for....


Contract Software Engineer, UNIX TCL/TK

Job Number: 11189/RB

Three to four-month assignment in San Diego County to develop new
code in TCL/TK.  Job requires strong development skills and some
knowledge of TCL or TCL/TK.  Start date ASAP
or less.  Attractive hourly rate plus per diem, if needed.

Contact Rob at 800/275-4852 x224

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Technology Locator contract consultants earn high hourly rates and
participate in immediate medical insurance and 401K plans.  Technology
Locator has a reputation of excellence in delivering "The Right People
For The Job." (tm)

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          San Diego Office:
          Phone 619/552-6800 Fax 619/552-6820

          Bay Area Office
          Phone 415/903-2225 Fax 415/903-2223

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Please refer to the Job Number in your response and use Ascii formats
for faxing or uploading resume files.  Thank you.


1. TK/tcl gurus: wrong version of Tk loaded (3.6): need 4.x?


I'm trying to run tkHTML 2.3, and when it loads, it gives an error:

Tcl_AppInit failed: wrong version of Tk loaded (3.6): need 4.x

According to glint (I've installed RH 3.0.3), I've got tcl version
7.4-5 and tk version 4.0-5.  Why does tkHTML seem to think my tk is
version 3.6 and not 4.0?  

I'm not a tk/tcl guru nor do I play one on TV.  So if anyone out there
is, please let me know what I can do.  After it (tkHTML) loads, none
of the menus work, it's basically broken, and I get error messages like:

tkerror failed to handle background error.
    Original error: invalid command name "tk_butEnter"
    Error in tkerror: unknown option "-wraplength"
tkerror failed to handle background error.
    Original error: invalid command name "tk_butLeave"
    Error in tkerror: unknown option "-wraplength"

Thanks in advance for any info.



Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago


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