monitor or email output

monitor or email output

Post by Andrea Gabellin » Sat, 04 Oct 1997 04:00:00


I have a simple question... I must redirect the output from a Bourne
Shell script  to the monitor or to an email address depending on an
input flag.

Anybody know how to change std output at the start of the script or how
to select one output or the other?

Andrea Gabellini


1. E-Mail E-Mail E-Mail

This has been driving me nutty. I decided to setup a small business with
linux as a file/printer/e-mail/internet server (2 offices, about 10 clients
at each)
I can do all of the rest (file,printing, and internet access) but I am
having a hell of a time understanding linux (unix) e-mail. I have searched
countless how to's but just want to know one thing. How do I do the
Allow 2 offices to send and receive e-mail to each other
Allow each office to send and receive e-mail locally (don't go out to the
internet when you want to send something to the guy in the next cube)
Have a dial up connection retrieve e-mail from an internet POP server, and
deliver it a win95 client when the win95 client requests it.
I'm assuming i need sendmail (or qmail), a pop server, and a ppp connection.
DO i need a DNS server or can I just resolve through hosts file?
Can someone please point me to a good source on the subject of e-mail, or
offer some advice.
Thank You

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