Case-insensitive filename completion in zsh?

Case-insensitive filename completion in zsh?

Post by Brian K. Boonst » Thu, 26 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi there

I've scanned all the FAQ's, read all the docs, and looked at the tea
leaves.  Still, I am mystified.  Is it possible to cause zsh to
complete filenames in a case-insensitive manner?  I have in mind
something my buddy Ben does in tcsh - namely if he has a file named
"Kepler" and he types "less kep<TAB>" at the prompt, the shell
completes to "less Kepler".


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We are Swaziland's Internet Service Provider. We are about to allow
our customers to update their Web pages themselves, using FTP. People
would connect to a (not anonymous) FTP server, mess about with their
files, and so modify their Web pages and images.

I expect that many people will have trouble with the Unix filenames,
which are case-sensitive. Refer to a file in lowercase inside your
web-page, but actually have the file in uppercase in the FTP area.

I could just warn people about this, but it would be more convenient
if Apache could serve Web-pages in a case-insensitive way. I was
thinking of an option (either per-directory or server wide) that
enables case-insensitive filename matching.

Has somebody done this already?  Would it be easy to do?  Would there
be any other problems introduced by case-insensitiveness?


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