rsh w/o .cshrc executed ?

rsh w/o .cshrc executed ?

Post by z.. » Mon, 07 Mar 1994 06:59:28

Here's another one:

is there a way to execute sth like
        rsh remote-host "command ..."

without having the .cshrc executed (i use csh).
Of course, i could put sth like
        if ($?USER == 0 || $?prompt == 0) exit
in the .cshrc, but this does only cut short execution.



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Yesterday, I posted a request about the execution of .cshrc file of
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I received a bunch of responses telling me to execute:
        su - otherUser (i.e. with the `-' option)

This is, to my sense, not satisfactory (i.e. BSD like).  With the `-'
option, su behaves like login, i.e. executes also the .login file;
you are also moved to the otherUser's home directory.  I would prefer
an su which does not execute the .login file and stays where you are ...

I think that the point is that system V su does not change the $USER
environment variable (but only the userid).

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