where to define variables for zsh with csh login shell

where to define variables for zsh with csh login shell

Post by Fei Che » Sun, 18 Feb 2001 20:50:23

Hi all,

I use zsh. Since the login shell is csh (sh as Sven Mascheck
recommends), I put an "exec zsh -l" statement in the .login

My question concerns with what's the recommended place to specify the env
variables such as $path Right now I have $path defined in .login, so
zsh inherits it. But there are other places where I could have put the
stuff in, such as .zshenv What's the best way?

In the .login file there are other stuff like checking which platform I'm
logining on, which window system, etc. I suppose this cannot be moved to
other places.

If .login decides I'm login using xdm, it sends me to .xsession .  Now
there's also a $path defined in that file. I use fvwm 1.24 and invoke zsh
with something like "rxvt -e csh -l" so probably all the variables defined
in .xsession do not apply, which is just fine. So I should leave .xsession
as bare minimum as possible, is that correct?

It would be nice to see how others set things up.

Thanks much everyone,


PS I notice that there's little discussion in this group on zsh (I wish
there's more...) Is it because zsh is not as popular as I imagine? Or
because stuff on ksh covers a lot of the same issues?


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