Configuration files function

Configuration files function

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I'm trying to make KSH functions using regexp that would handle
configuration file options write and read.

Configuration file is "windows" style .ini file. that is format like

[section 1]

[section 2]

file can be what ever size with 0 to ? sections and variables.
values can be single value or list of values

write function uses parameters : <section> <variable> <value to write>
read function uses parameters : <section> <variable> <value to write>

Has anyone seen sample for this ?


1. standard library of function for parsing configuration files


The Microsoft Win32 API provides a set of standard calls for parsing a Windows
.ini type configuration file:  GetPrivateProfileInt, GetPrivateProfileSection,
etc.  Is there something similar under Linux?  As part of glibc or another 3rd
party library?  THere are a lot of files in /etc and I'm hoping everyone
hasn't continually rolled their own libraries.  Something in C or C++ would be
nice.  Thanks.


Jeff McWilliams - Advanced Development Engineer, ACE Technologies

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