fsck fsck fsck say I

fsck fsck fsck say I

Post by Pat LaVar » Sun, 25 Apr 2004 08:40:35

[[[Ouch.  Sorry.  Ouch.  The first edition of this text lost the first
word of its Subject.  Fixed now]]]

I remember I first learned of `fsck -f -y /` after `umount /` in the

Newsgroups: comp.unix.shell
Subject: fsck fsck fsck say I

Speaking again now of fsck'ing on demand, eventually I also noticed,

My `man -k fsck` does not yet, but could/ should, point to:

--- http://www.google.com/search?q=linux+man+shutdown
--- http://www.die.net/doc/linux/man/man8/shutdown.8.html
Skip fsck on reboot.
Force fsck on reboot.

Pat LaVarre


1. fsck fsck fsck say I

How do I persuade fsck to run again?

From my second fsck, I falsely get told "/: clean" almost instantly
without much happening unless I resort to the kluges I see Google
suggests e.g.

/sbin/tune2fs -c 5 -C 5 /dev/hd$v$n

That works, but I see tune2fs -c -C have side effects (that as yet I'm
too ignorant to understand or confidently undo) in:

/sbin/tune2fs -l /dev/hd$v$n

Is there actually no more direct way to tell fsck that I typed the
verb fsck because I actually do mean for fsck to run again, not just
echo the stale cached results of its last run?

I care because often when I force fsck to run again I find and fix
more trouble.  Running again on demand saves me the time - and more
importantly the interaction - of rebooting.

Via Google I hear there is a tradition of fsck -y means yes I said
fsck because I meant fsck.  But fsck -y doesn't work here.

Anybody know?  How do I persuade fsck to run again?  Here in
comp.unix.shell do I find people interested in this question, besides
me?  Or is there a better place nearby?

Thanks in advance, Pat LaVarre

P.S. The exercise of writing this post suggest to me I could try
mounting and unmounting after fsck.  While that writes who knows what
to my disk, it might often write nothing very harmful and yet still
persuade fsck to run again.  Even so, I'd like to learn how to tell
fsck to run when I want it to run, for example so I can observe,
without actually asking to write anything, whether or not I do get the
same results twice in a row.

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