How about something more than Xman/regular man pages

How about something more than Xman/regular man pages

Post by A Wizard of Earth » Fri, 06 Aug 1993 16:09:55

>I am planning to build a system, which would be better than regular unix man
>pages and Xman by trying to make it hypertext and adding other features
>which would make it easier to browse through. It would be quicker in
>searching for a particular piece of information a user is looking for
>in a manual  page ( most of the times we are  looking for a specific
>piece of information in a manpage e.g. a particular option to a command )

>This is a call to everybody ( novice, intermediate or experts) for
>some feedback regarding

>1) things you think are annoying and inept  about unix manpages
>2)features you might want to see in the unix manpage and if possible any
>pointers to literature or strategy of implementing those features

>I plan to implement it using one of the X Window toolkits..

>All the help is_greatly_appreciated

Check out comp.text.sgml.  IMHO, this is the way to go.

Build a viewer for SGML.

                                        Terry Lambert

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1. How about something more than Xman/regular man pages

They take too long to write. Unless you're using c2man that is, in which case
it will generate them for you automagically. You can grab it from your nearest
comp.sources.reviewed archive, although it's missing from a few (I don't know

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