Is there a ksh method find find out who accessed you dirs?

Is there a ksh method find find out who accessed you dirs?

Post by don willia » Sun, 20 Apr 1997 04:00:00


Thanks to all who answered my ksh question? posted earlier

I am using:
$ uname -a
dgux <host> R4.11 generic AViiON mc88110

I was wondering is there a builtin or a method to findout who has
accessed your directories [and more, like what they did?] I would
like to keep a log file to track access?

It would be great if I could track what they were doing ala
`tail -f .sh_history` but i'll settle for usr and date.

By-the-way are there any DG people out here? Anyone using ccNUMA yet?
I would like to here from you.
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San Diego, CA

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