If (condition) in makefile

If (condition) in makefile

Post by Huangxin Wa » Wed, 29 Jan 1992 00:01:05

Thank for everyone who replied about my question (a FAQ) of
how to change chap.* to sec.*
It can be easily solved by "for" (in sh) or "foreach" (in csh) then using
sed to edit the command line.

Here another question (maybe FAQ again):  how can I put a condition in
a makefile?  For example, I develop a project across several machines.
Everytime I type "make", I want the makefile to look for the name or
type of the machine, then choose a set of macro correspondingly.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for any help and please reply by email.  I will summarize.

Huangxin Wang 王璜鑫, University of Pennsylvania