QUESTION: info on dtksh?

QUESTION: info on dtksh?

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My apologies if I am asking in the wrong place.

Does anyone know what platforms will include dtksh (DeskTop KornShell
-- ksh with X11 hooks)? The new Prendergrast book doesn't mention
anything about availability, other than that it *isn't* free and that
it should be on any CDE-compliant machine. I am currently using tcl/tk
to do the same sorts of things, but I would like to see the
competition. Thanks in advance for your help.

Douglas J. Song                                             tel: 313.763.4736

Ann Arbor, MI USA                     


1. Simple dtksh Questions

        I'm finally using dtksh, but I have no documentation besides the man
page and J. Stephen Pendergast. Jr.'s _Desktop_KornShell_Graphical_
_Programming_, the latter of which seems to do little besides telling an X
neophyte you how to write graphical scripts.  I have a bone-headed question
which neither document appears to address:

             What are the dtksh equivalents of .profile and .kshrc
             (i.e. the contents of the ENV variable)?

        Also, what other books would one recommend for someone who knows ksh
and wants to become adept at dtksh?

        FYI, I'm running Sun Solaris 2.5.1.


John Davison

"First rate minds attract first rate minds; second rate minds attract third
 rate minds."   -- Oppenheimer's Law

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