using expect for telnet connection

using expect for telnet connection

Post by Sue Gutk » Wed, 28 Sep 1994 23:03:14

Hi Folks!

PLease accept my apology if this is not the right place to post this
question - I have found other references here though....

I'm trying to use expect to telnet to a remote machine and execute some
commands. The problem is that when login has successfully completed,
I am very limited in the commands that expect can execute via exec
or system on the remote machine. For example, I am unable to print
a file on the remote machine yet nor can the script perform an ls on
that file (if this is confusing, these commands yield responses from the
local machine instead.). This doesn't make sense since 'expect' scripts
are supposed to be able to anything that the user can.

My ultimate project is to be able to issue commands on comm server;
including string parsing from a screenful of information...

All assistance will be appreciated. Thanx.

Sue Gutkes


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OS: Solaris 2.7
I use an Expect script to telnet to a machine and login as a user with ftp
firewall privileges.
From the telnet'ed user Id and machine,  run another Expect ftp script to
get files from ftp server.

Both Expect scripts work fine running from bash cmdtool.

Using cron to run the 2 Expect scripts daily(first telnet, then ftp) is
hanging and cron is not emailing any error

Searched the Web but have not found solution to cron and telnet problem.

Any ideas / solutions ?


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