Free on-line certifications for UNIS SA's....

Free on-line certifications for UNIS SA's....

Post by Michael Littma » Fri, 05 Mar 1999 04:00:00


For a limited time, TekMetrics is offering free 'UNIX SA' certifications
through it's internet-based CAT engine.  Simply go to to order your free
certification.  You can either elect to take the test right away, or
come back later, using the PIN you are provided when you order.

To qualify as a Certified UNIX SA, you must pass the examination with a
score of 2.75 or higher.  To be certified as a Master UNIX SA, you must
obtain a score of 4.00 or higher.  At the end of the test, your score
will be provided (with a scoring range of 1-5).  Once certified, you can
add the logo associated with the test (standard or master logo,
depending on how well you do) to your resume or website.  Furthermore,
those that pass will be mailed a certificate, once again, at no cost.
There's no catch.  We're simply trying to prove a concept during a beta
trial period.  Thus far, the feedback has been extremely positive!

Why bother getting certified by TekMetrics?

1)  More and more corporations recognize TekMetrics Certifications as an
indication not only of the technical workers knowledge level, but also
as an indicator that they were willing to demonstrate their skills to

2)  It's free and it's fun.  They won't be free forever, but they are
now.  So take advantage of them.  Furthermore, those who have completed
the tests generally indicate that they enjoyed the experience and
considered both the delivery of the test and the items themselves to be
of high quality.

3)  2000 technical workers from around the world are ordering our
certifications each week, and that number is steadily rising.  To see
the specific figures, go to the bottom of the 'certifications' link off
the homepage.

4)  Strut your stuff.  See if you are good enough to make the top 10

5)  Find out both your strengths and weaknesses in 'UNIX SA'.  At the
end of the test, you can request specifics on how you did, by subtopic.
And yes, that too is free.

All we ask for in return is your feedback at the end of the exam.  We
will be continually focusing on the improvement of the delivery of the
test and quality of the questions.  Any feedback you can provide,
positive or negative, will help us greatly.

Another FAQ is, "How do you know the person who supposedly took the test
was actually the same person?  What if it was his hotshot 'UNIX SA'
brother, sister or friend?  In other words, what is to prevent him from
cheating?"  Our solution:  we allow employers to spotcheck the technical
workers with a short test at no cost at their corporate locations, if
they so choose.  Corporations have unanimously applauded this solution.

Lastly, data you provide in the certification process is not used
without your permission other than to store your certification record
and verify to valid employers at their request.  We do, however, publish
names on our site in a Top Ten Scores list for each category, but no
addresses, phone numbers, email, etc.. are shown.  For more information,
see our privacy statement at

Well, that's pretty much it!  We're trying to establish a new
cost-effective and convenient alternative to today's certification
environment.  During this beta trial period, you will be the benefactor
of this fun and challenging experience.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding the 'UNIX SA'
certification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Good luck!


Michael Littman
VP Operations
TekMetrics, Inc. <>


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