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Hello, I have a request for any shell-script gurus out there..

I moderate a newsgroup which also has an email digest connected to
it.  I currently have everything automated with shell scripts except
one phase.  That phase is taking approved articles, and creating spool
files from which the digest munger makes finished digests...

I have a good friend who has assisted with shell scripts for me in the
past, but he has been VERY busy lately and I am in serious need of
this script...

Here is my process...

1) Save approved articles in a directory, each article has a unique name.
2) Run a script that munges the headers from mail to news format.
3) Run a posting script on the finished articles after checking manually for
   corrupted files.  This essentially feeds articles to inews.
4) *MANUALLY* cat articles into spool files of (hopefully) similar
   sizes (between 15 andf 21kbytes).
5) Run digest making script on spool files, one at a time, to create digests.
6) Place digests in outbound directory and cron-job sends them out via
   sendmail at pre-determined time

What I would like (need, really) is a script that will look in the
directory of inews-compliant articles, and cat them into spool files,
of specific length (within a range).   It should take articles in
order since I have semi-sorted them as I saved them from incoming
mail, and I like having subjects grouped in the digests.  Essentially
I want a script to do the monkey work of  cat-ing these articles into
multiple spool files of similar length.

I can then run the digest script on the spool files and do the rest of
the process as I now do.

It is the cat-ing of articles and trying to keep the files of similar
length that is taking up all my time.   Can/will someone either bang out a
script for this job?  I will gladly place your name as a credit on the
digests.  I pretty much need a script written for me as I am an
extreme newbie.  I can modify scripts pretty well, but the initial
writing is difficult for me.

Anyone who can help, please email me right away, this digest creation
process is killing me...

Many Thanks.

William Pfeiffer
Moderator rec.radio.broadcasting/AIRWAVES RADIO JOURNAL