background process persist-or-die when its parent shell dies

background process persist-or-die when its parent shell dies

Post by John R. Prie » Fri, 19 Nov 1993 23:29:09

I would like to know what causes a child to persist or not-persist when
the originating shell terminates.  My environment is SUN openwindows.

For example, some background child processes (a & for
example) persists after I exit or kill the shell where I invoked it;
But other background processes of an apparently similar type will
immediately terminate when their parent shell exits.

Why?  Or in other words, how can I write my invokation so that I have
control over whether the child background process is "dependent" on the
parent or not?

My work-around is to invoke my via  at -qb
in order to ensure that it will persist after the "parent" invoking it dies.
But this seems round-about.


John PRieur


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