UNIX Training Courses, UK Only!

UNIX Training Courses, UK Only!

Post by xris » Tue, 10 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I am an electronics come computer systems installation engineer whose
previous interests has been with P.C.'s and H.P.1000 A.400 series
systems with user/manufacturer based software.
Our manufacturer has since gone over to UNIX based Siemens Nixdorf
P.C.'s running under UNIX control through ARCNET, ETHERNET and some RS
232 (Yes we still have a 232 connection! Some people HUH?)
The hardware side of ARCNET & ETHERNET is no problem but I need a fairly
comprehensive training course in UNIX and I could also do with further
knowledge on ARCNET & ETHERNET protocol.
Can anyone help me?
Greetings from xris in the land of fog


1. Low cost UNIX System Administration training courses in the UK

Bromley College has just launched a new competitively priced, 4-day
Unix Solaris System Administration training course in the UK.

In order to make the Unix training as accessible to as many people as
possible we only charge just enough to "break even".

For more information please visit:

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