Source Code Control/Project Mamangement Tools

Source Code Control/Project Mamangement Tools

Post by Tony J Yeat » Sat, 21 Dec 1991 04:46:59

THis may not but the right group, but you may be able to help.

I've been asked to investigate the availability of Source Code
Control /Project Management tools, esp. those designed to
work on SUNs.  I know about SCCS and RCS, we're looking for
something more advanced., possibly a front-end to SCCS/RCS.

Also, any information on the sort of features we might expect/ look for would
be useful.  We currently have an advance system available to us, but we
want to see what else is available, and what features might be available
in other systems.  Reliability, ease of use, ability to handle parallel
development (2 or 3 releases should be enough), good support, security and integrity
are probably the main concerns.


1. Multi-user development source code control tool?

We have a small team starting a project, and need a multi-user source code
control system for OSF/1.  I am aware of RCS, but I've heard there are packages
that build upon it.  One mentioned was CVS, but I know nothing about it
(including it's location).

Can someone who's familiar with some of these tools point me in the right
direction and give some brief advice?


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