Is the FAQ inaccurate for Q 2.2 ?

Is the FAQ inaccurate for Q 2.2 ?

Post by Steven Buytae » Sat, 09 Jul 1994 04:24:06

  Hello shell wizards,

  Last week, I was being flamed to death because I
  answered a question on the net with the explanation that it
  was explained in the FAQ. The question is:

  2.2)  How do I remove a file with funny characters in the filename ?

  The guy asked for help removing the emacs backup files that
  begin and end with '#', like #test#.

  He didn't say what shell he was using to begin with. My
  response was basically, that he should try to identify
  the file as uniquely as possible and use wildcards for the
  hash signs, together with the -i option for safety. I
  also told him, softly, that the answer could be found
  in the general UNIX faq that is regularly posted in
  news.answers. I pointed him, again softly, to that
  newsgroup because he could benefit a lot from the
  information there, as a newcomer.

  Now, I'll spare you the insults that came into my
  direction. The only technicaly funded of them, was someone
  saying that the only way to do it *safe* was to use
  quotes and that my method was sh*t and even if that
  was in the UNIX faq, this was plain wrong.

  Now, I only have experience with the cshell and
  bash. Is there indeed something fishy with the
  answer to question 2.2 ? Should we change the
  answer in 'use quotes' ?

  Thanks for any info.


Steven Buytaert

        'Imagination is more important than knowledge.'
                        (A. Einstein)


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