Free Versions of REXX for Unix

Free Versions of REXX for Unix

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In response to inquiries and with credit to Eric Giguere (because I lifted
this from his REXX FAQ list, available on comp.lang.rexx):

    Currently there are three freely-distributable interpreters (with
source) for Unix machines, all available for anonymous FTP from

    /pub/freerexx/regina/regina-0.03d.tar.Z       254939   ANSI C
          files originally from

    /pub/freerexx/alrexx/rx102.tar.Z              671904   C++ (using GNU G++)
          files originally from

    /pub/freerexx/imc/rexx-imc-1.3.tar.Z          491691   ANSI C
          currently only runs on SunOS machines

To compile, the first two interpreters require Lex and Yacc (or suitable
clones).  All are still beta versions, though imc has been around the longest
and claims to be quite stable.  (Note: "regina" was called "andersrexx"
in previous FAQs because I couldn't remember the interpreter name.)
Questions/comments/suggestions about this FAQ should be sent to Eric Giguere,

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