Need suggestions for setting up shell accounts

Need suggestions for setting up shell accounts

Post by Anthony Robiso » Wed, 03 May 2000 04:00:00

I have the resources to run a shell server to give accounts to my friends.
I have never worked with shell accounts.  I am looking for a good book/web
sites that can give me some insight into setting up/running a server with
FTP and shell accounts.  Best OS to run, etc..etc..



1. good accounting set-ups...

        I've been trying to get our system to keep a good record of system
use.  Quota's work well for restricting disk usage, but that's it.  The
ac command is NOT accurate enough.  (It says that one user was logged in for
over 11 hrs, when he was in for 4.5 according to last, and the actuall user.)
I realise that ac is limited... Our normal accounting setup is a pain to get
working correctly.  What I would like is raw logged in time.  Do I have to
write it myself?  (Using wtmp?)  Has it already been made?
        While I'm at it, what other packages are freely available in source
format?  We have an esv, (bsd & sysv mix).  Also, our xdm doesn't log properly,
(we're using X11R5, and can't upgrade currently for many reasons.)  anyone get
that to work?  (I've heard that some niche unix boxes have troubles, and would
like to hear from those who have fixed it.)
                Edward Wolpert


I'm  sorry, but Godot isn't here today. Perhaps if you came back tomorrow...

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