rpm question

rpm question

Post by Dmit » Fri, 26 Nov 2004 15:04:20


I want to build rpm with installation scripts using variable, which
value is passed at rpm installation time.
Additional requirement is that scripts should not be interactive. Is
there're some standard way to do it (e.g. command line flag to rpm -i)



1. dumb rpm question (afterstep rpm)

i want to install afterstep on my redhat box.  i installed it on my
slackware box and i liked it so downloaded the rpm for redhat.  this is
my first time using rpm and i know it's supposed to be very simple.  when
i clicked it to download, kpackage (kde rpm utility) opened up.  after the
download was finished i clicked on install to install it.  from there i
just didn't know what to do.  the readme file only explains how to install
the .gz.tar file which is just to run ./configure, make, make install and
then add the line "afterstep" to the .xinitrc.  i figured installing it w/
rpm installed it and i just needed to add the line to .xinitrc.
with "afterstep" in the .xinitrc file (which didn't exist before) x
doesn't start (i get "afterstep not found" message). i then tried
installing it from the command line thinking maybe it didnt' properly
install through kpackage, but still no luck.  rpm seems to install it,  
but...it doesn't actually seem installed because i get the "afterstep not
found" message.  any suggestions?

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