fork a new environment

fork a new environment

Post by Andrew H. Eva » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Folks -

I need to satisfy users who don't remember/too-lazy to modify
umask/fix-permissions when working in different group directories.
My approach was to use an alias or shell script to change cwd,
umask, and prompt, then perhaps source a file in the new dir.
By exiting the user would return to previous environment. The
user's shell must be tcsh or csh, cross platform compatible.

My attempts at sourcing and scripting have fallen short of my
goals.   Heck, is this a realistic goal anyway?   I just don't
wish to create new group-user accounts when I'm trying to reduce
the account population for security considerations.

I thought maybe someone might already be doing this.

Thanks in advance - Andy


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