A process killing script

A process killing script

Post by Ji » Tue, 10 Oct 2000 09:21:53

Can someone look over this script and let me know what they think?
It is written for BSD, and it seems to work for me. Any comments that
people may have about it would be welcome. I just wrote it to try to
to learn a bit and was hoping someone might be able tell me what I
did right and wrong.



# A little script for BSD that lets you kill procs

# Is is flawed? I dunno, seems to work for me.
# It might be possible to do this without temp files,
# but I do not know how yet.

proc=`ps x`
thecommand=`echo "$proc" | grep -v ps | awk '{print $5}' | sed -e '1d'`
thepid=`echo "$proc" | grep -v ps | awk '{print $1}' | sed -e '1d'`
echo "$thecommand" > ~/commandtemp$$
echo "$thepid" > ~/pidtemp$$

echo ""


while read line
        echo "$number $line"
        number=`expr $number + 1`
done < ~/commandtemp$$

echo ""
echo -n " Which one do you want to kill? "

read answer

rippid=`cat ~/pidtemp$$ | sed -n "${answer}p"`

echo ""
echo "We are killing `cat ~/commandtemp$$ | sed -n \"${answer}p\"` \
who's PID is $rippid."
echo ""

kill $rippid

rm ~/commandtemp$$
rm ~/pidtemp$$


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