tcsh not reading bindkey from .cshrc

tcsh not reading bindkey from .cshrc

Post by Shado » Mon, 02 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Well I can't figure it out, I restart my shell and my keybindings are gone.
If I implicitly source .cshrc it works though. Which is *wierd* in -v mode
it shows its reading all my settings in .cshrc

Thamer Al-Herbish


1. tcsh bindkey in .cshrc -- how?

On our sun 3's (4.03) tcsh (Cornell) 11/10/90 options 8b,el,dl,al,
the 4 sun keyboard arrow keys are all bound to up-history notwithstanding
them man pages description of these bindings.

Using bindkey, I can rebind these keys just find from the command line.
If I put the bindkey commands in .cshrc, however, they don't work at
all -- unless I source .cshrc from the command line.

Why doesn't bindkey work in .cshrc?
How do I do what I want?

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