banner for network printouts

banner for network printouts

Post by Ralf S » Mon, 12 Feb 2001 02:26:15


I've enabled network printing. Does anybody know how to create a banner at
the beginning of each printout with user and printout information?
There must be inserted something into /etc/printcap I think.

Many thanks!



1. Can't seem to get good printouts on my network printer?

Using OSR 5.0.5.

I have a Lexmark Optra S1855 on the network. I have files that are print
files (PCL) that I wish to print to the network printer Lexmark Optra S1855.

I configured for a remote printer called "lexprn"

I issue the "lp -d lexprn -o raw filename". It prints to the Lexmark printer
okay, but loose some  of the fonts, etc... where some of printout is

KEEP in mind that these PCL files were created on a windows box using a
Lexmark Optra S1855 printer driver. I needed to move these files over to SCO
and print them from there.

Also, if I connect the Lexmark printer to the SCO parallel port and print
via local. The print files print perfectly.

So what could be wrong, why I would loose some of the fonts, etc... printing
it via network?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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