Append to files in tar-file but don't change originals.

Append to files in tar-file but don't change originals.

Post by Robert Zawals » Wed, 12 Oct 1994 07:25:32

A usenet archive stocks thousands of files donated by the public in a
directory tree that is 4 layers deep.

The archive is available as one complete gzipped tar file, or as
individual files vi ftp.

The usefulness of adding the contents of a "Copying" file to the end
of each file in the tarfile (but not in the original collection) is
being considered.

Is there a way to do this using perhaps :
tar cf Fullset.tar `find . -type f -exec something \; -print`

That's just a shot. Please disregard it if there's a nicer way.
Creating a huge set of temp-files to be tarred and then deleted ust be
avoided, but using a temp file during the tar process would be okay.



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