Tcsh 6.06: Ctrl-C does not exit login script

Tcsh 6.06: Ctrl-C does not exit login script

Post by Laurent Duperv » Wed, 29 Nov 1995 04:00:00


I have a login script that looks like this:

if ( `tty` == "/dev/console" ) then
  if ( $TERM == "sun" || $TERM == "AT386" ) then

    if ( ${?OPENWINHOME} == 0 ) then        
        setenv OPENWINHOME /usr/openwin

    echo ""
    echo -n "Starting OpenWindows in 5 seconds (type Control-C to interrupt)"
    sleep 5
    echo ""
    clear           # get rid of annoying cursor rectangle
    logout         # logout after leaving windows system

  cat /etc/motd

If I use the Sun-provided csh, hitting Crtl-C brings me to my prompt.  But
with tcsh 6.06, I get logged out of the system.  I think I have to hit the
Ctrl-C twice real fast for it to work.  If I comment out the "logout" command,
I can return to my prompt.

My question is, which behavior is correct, Sun's csh or tcsh?  I think csh is
behaving properly.  Can someone explain to me how I can get the same behavior
from tcsh?

Thank you for any/all reponses.

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Seems to work just fine for me; what exactly is your problem?

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