changing bash profile into csh profile?

changing bash profile into csh profile?

Post by brian hile » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00

> Hi, i have another quick question.  I switch between tcsh and bash at
> times and i tend to make full use of aliases and the such.  everytime
> i modify (add a niffty new alias etc) i have to make the same changes
> to the other shell startup file.  as far as i know
> there are differences between how the two shells require thier startup
> files to be setup... is there a way i can "convert" (some niffty
> perl script out there?) from one to the other? (prefferably from csh ->
> bash?)
> Thank you in advance,
>                   -Gaiko

Convert (some) csh scripts to ksh scripts:*

Despite the name and description the program above exists to modify
the command syntax of an "env" report into the syntax of the other

Despite doing the one-way route from csh to ksh, I believe from my
experience with this (C) program that it is easily modifiable to
convert the other way around.

There also exists a script contained within the bash distribution
archive to do the same thing from csh to bash.

Despite the limitations of script and conversion direction the two
resources above will convince you that this paradigm has indeed
been thought of before, and creating from one or both of them an
equivalent script is really not at all hard.

Just promise when you do to post the script here ;)