Looking for simple Bourne/Korn shell FIFO queue mechanism :-|

Looking for simple Bourne/Korn shell FIFO queue mechanism :-|

Post by Bruce B. Lac » Wed, 10 Feb 1993 13:40:21

Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a Bourne/Korn shell script
impliments a straight-foward simple queue mechanism.  I want to enter
items into a queue during a job stream that will be processed in FIFO
order in the background.  For example, copying files to tape-why wait.

Thanks in advance.
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Help! Duh!
I would like to run a process in background with nohup on a
SOLARIS 2.3. How can I get the korn shell script detectsetup
to be interpreted under ksh.

In Korn shell I attempted...

$ /bin/ksh -c "/usr/bin/nohup /export/home/setupin/detectsetup&"

$ [1]   15276

$ Sending output to nohup.out

Checking the process I find....

pagein 15414     1 sh /export/home/setupin/detectsetup
                           | Why not Korn shell

My nohup.out file errors indicate Bourne shell is interpreting Korn shell
script (doesn't understand integer or [[).      

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