getting variables out of while loop subshells

getting variables out of while loop subshells

Post by Keith All » Fri, 12 Jun 1998 04:00:00

This is actually a follow on to the latest UUOC discussion.  So, in sh
a while loop or a for loop spawns off as a subshell, and any variables
used therein are unavailable to the parent shell.  So, in something like


export count

for filename in *
   *thing_to $filename
   count=`expr $count+1`
   echo $count

echo $count

While the script is in the for loop you see the counter incrementing,
but after the loop exits, you've had no effect on the value of $count
in the parent shell, which remains set at zero.  So is there any way
in sh to extract such a variable from a for loop?

-Keith Allen

Confused on my own time.  My employer pays me to be bewildered.


getting variables out of while loop subshells

Post by Douglas Wils » Fri, 12 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>for filename in *
>   *thing_to $filename
>   count=`expr $count+1`
>   echo $count

ksh (not sh as requested):
    echo $count |&


read -p cnt
>echo $count

Hope that helps,
Douglas Wilson


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echo -n "Enter part of filename: "
read fnp

ls -ld *$fnp* 2> /dev/null | while read a b c d size e f g fname
   [ ! -f $fname ] && continue
   total=`expr $total + $size`
   echo $total

echo Total size of files containing the pattern \"$fnp\" is $total


In the above code snippet, the last line always gives me value 0 for
the variable total.
But inside the loop the variable is having correct values (as
understood with the help of echo inside the loop). Can anybody explain
why $total in the last line of the code is always 0.

Also, Please suggest a solution for getting the value of $total (as
inside the loop) to be carried outside the loop too...


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