Anyone got tcsh 6.06 working under HPUX 10.01 ?

Anyone got tcsh 6.06 working under HPUX 10.01 ?

Post by s.. » Thu, 16 May 1996 04:00:00

     Does anyone have a working version of tcsh 6-06 under HPUX 10.01. The package works
under HPUX 9.04 and the binaries from HPUX 9.04 work under HPUX 10.01. The problem
occurs in trying to install on a HPUX 10.01 system. The make runs to completion, but
tcsh runs out of memory when it is invoked without getting to the point of a prompt. There
appears to be a loop condition in function "process" in  sh.c. I've tried every conceivable
setting of the config.h file, but nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance for any insight.


1. Running tcsh 6.06 on HPUX 10.01

   Before I put a great amount of time into debugging, I would like to know
if anyone has already resolved this problem. I compiled tcsh 6.06 under gcc
for a HPUX 10.01 system. After using the hpux8 configuration, a clean make
was done. The problem is that when tcsh is invoked, the only response I get
is an out of memory condition. I copied a HPUX 9.04 gcc compiled version
of the product to the HPUX 10.01 system and everything worked fine. The pro-
blem is that I can't get a HPUX 10.01 compiled version to work. I did see
someone report a somewhat similar problem which related to the use of gcc,
but the solution was somewhat ambiguous and the problem reported was not a
duplicate. Thanks in advance for any help.

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