Background process passwd control

Background process passwd control

Post by Paul Mandel » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>         I am currently trying to write a script file that will allow me to
> control the execution of FTP and FTAM (the OSI's equivalent)
> Does anyone know how I can get the above script to work, or know of any
> other methods whereby I can control the execution of FTP/FTAM?


how about....


machine suna29 login john password password

in your .netrc file (watch your permissions)


ftp -v suna29 1>ftplog.out 2>&1 <<-!
put filename remote.filename

i use that sort of construction all the time for automatic scripted ftp transfers....

as for FTAM........ dunno mate !!!!!

hope this helps



1. Background process passwd control

Instead of trying to send the userid and password through a pipe, use the .netrc
file.  It goes in your home directory and has to have permissions 600 (or 400).
As an example, if your .netrc file contained the following lines:

machine suna29
login john
password mypasswd

(where mypasswd is whatever your password is) you could execute the follwing in a

echo "get test" | ftp suna29

I believe the man pages for ftp describe the .netrc file.  There may also be a man
page for netrc.  You can also do startup macros and all kinds of stuff.


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