Technical Support Manager - JOB OPENING in San Francisco

Technical Support Manager - JOB OPENING in San Francisco

Post by Herb Alsto » Fri, 18 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I am looking for a Technical Support Manager for a position in San
Francisco, CA.
This is a full time/regular position... not a contract

You will manage a team of currently 4 people and build the group to over

Experience Wish List:
*  WEB Based Transactions
*  Strong Technical group
*  Internet Marketing Environment

*  Good technical background important however your people and project
    skills are of a higher priority in this position.
*  You must have at least 2 years of people management experience

This is my wish list.. my REALITY list is somewhere in between there and
If you're interested please email me your resume and lets CHAT!


Herb Alston, Principal
415.285-8110 Office    415.641-1515Fax


1. JOB: Red Hat Software Technical Support Job Opening

            Red Hat Software Technical Support Job Opening

Red Hat Software is seeking qualified applicants for an opening in our
world famous technical support department.  If you are self-motivated,
resourceful, and you surprise even yourself with the seemingly
worthless Linux hardware and software arcana you can recite, then we
want to talk to you!

Job Description and Qualifications

The job functions include supporting customers with installation and
other problems encountered using Red Hat Linux, Red Hat Motif, Red Hat
Applixware, and all our other products.  Support is generally handled
through email and fax, and some support contracts are handled over the
phone.  In addition, you will be responsible for building and
maintaining support documents and systems.


- Bachelor's degree in a quantitative field, preferably Computer
  Science or a related field
- 2 years Linux system-level experience (Red Hat experience a plus)
- Extensive PC hardware experience
- Superior problem-solving skills
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills
- Ability to work with a team

Desired skills include:

- Working knowledge of LaTeX, HTML, Linuxdoc-sgml
- Serial communication and networking (PPP, SLIP, UUCP)

The position is in RTP, North Carolina, and is open now.

This is a salaried position, with the precise figure to be based on
your qualifications.  Signing bonus: Nerf Ballzooka, a six pack of
root beer, three packs of Oreos, and a t-shirt.  Oh, and a hat too.

Red Hat Software

The work environment at Red Hat is at the same time relaxed and
high-pressure.  As a small startup company we work like dogs to "lead
the pack" in the Linux market and maintain the highest standards of
product quality and customer satisfaction.

Red Hat Software produces high quality Linux products and services.
Our leading Red Hat Linux OS product is freely available from and many mirrors.  Our RPM packaging technology is also
freely available at the same sites.


If you are interested in working at the most exciting Linux company on
the planet, please submit your resume and/or any other relevant
information, with as much detail as possible, ASAP.  Please send all
materials, in confidence, to:

Marc Ewing
Red Hat Software, Inc.
PO Box 4325
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

(919) 361-2711 (fax)

Email and fax are preferred.


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