piping to/from shell script

piping to/from shell script

Post by Don Mendelso » Fri, 11 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Is anyone familiar with how to deal with piped, block input to a C Shell
script?  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


1. Detecting pipe closure in shell script

I have a shell script with the following fragment in it:

    | tee $TFILE | more

If I quit more(1) before output from tee(1) is complete, I want to
scrap $TFILE,  else I want to move it to another name.  I've tried

    | ( trap 'rm $TFILE' 13; tee ) | more;
    mv $TFILE othername


    | ( tee ; mv $TFILE othername) | more

but in both cases the move occurs regardless of completion (in the second
case, the "mv" seems to be executing even after shell script has exited).

Any smart tricks?

Charles Lambert

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