Keypad programming

Keypad programming

Post by Cameron H. Matthe » Sat, 28 Aug 1993 06:10:04


        How do you program the keypad under ksh?
Is there some C code that I have to write to make this
happen?  For instance, I want to program my keypad 0
key to do an 'ls -al'.  How is this accomplished?



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1. keypad(win, TRUE) means keypad not TRUE?

: I've got some annoying bug with my application. ALL windows I open have a
: keypad(win, TRUE) command to allow cursor keys. Sometimes, if I type the up
: cursor arrow while the screen is refreshed, I get [ESC]A in the window buffer
: as TWO separate characters instead of one integer (KEY_UP). As [ESC] is define

Curses has a little timing trouble in the ESC sequence detection area.
One is that it does a sleep(1) to see if the next character coming in is
part of the sequence...  sleep(1) might be as little as 1/100 of a second.
The other is that it doesn't properly block if you have another flag set,
the name of which escapes me at the moment, I think nodelay(...,TRUE).

This is usually only a problem across some type of buffered interface, like
TCP, or a compressing modem, possibly a smart serial card with buffers.

SCO had a patch, which really only consisted of lengthening the sleep to 8
seconds, but then your legitimate ESC would take 8 seconds to have an

Unisys had a replacement libcurses, and I think that SVR4.2 should have the
problem resolved by some different method.


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