`here' document in suid-wrapped shell script -- safe?

`here' document in suid-wrapped shell script -- safe?

Post by Ralf Fasse » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00


suid-root C wrapper:
    char *envp[] = {
        execle("/bin/sh", "use-mo", MO_SCRIPT, NULL, envp);
        perror("execle of /bin/sh " MO_SCRIPT " failed");
with MO_SCRIPT pointing to a (root-controlled :-) shell script in

[Q] Is it safe to use a `here' document in the shell script?

My understanding is that `here' documents are created as temporary files in
/tmp and fed to the program via stdin.  Now, if I guess to what the temp
file name will be and create a link in /tmp to some interesting system
file, would the shell detect this and not blindly dump the input on the

Any input appreciated.
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   >shell scripts normally have to run under the same shell or at the
   >very least, you have to specify say ksh shellscript...
   >how do i create a shell script that will rewrap itself to the
   >correct shell wrapper regardless of what shell the user runs it
   >so even if the user is under sh, the shell will auto-sense and put a
   >ksh wrapper on itself?
Find out where ksh is located on your system, and make the first line of
the script #! followed by the pathname, for example:

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