rsh never returns to prompt - SIGTTIN

rsh never returns to prompt - SIGTTIN

Post by James Christopher Hur » Fri, 14 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I would appreciate any help on this one.

I execute a rsh to stop an informix database prior to raw backup.  The
rsh to take it down works fine, however, when I execute the following
line to restart the database - the database starts but the rsh never

# rsh HOST "su - informix -c \". /opt/informix/.profile; setsrv
INSTNAME; oninit\""

If I then use CTRL-Z and bg to put it in the background and execute jobs
- it reports Stopped (SIGTTIN).  I've tried using -n option to rsh,
redirecting /dev/null to stdin (inside the -c portion and to rsh itself)
and have run out of ideas.

Chris Hurt


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Thanks in advance,

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