zsh: A couple of more questions (Help!)

zsh: A couple of more questions (Help!)

Post by Jeremy Mathe » Thu, 22 Aug 1996 04:00:00

1) Using the bindkey command, how do you bind a key to the command mode of vi?
   That is, the docs list 3 types of bindings - emacs, vi insert mode, vi
   command mode - but don't tell you how to deal with it from the syntax of
   the bindkey command.
1a) Is it possible to bind a key to work like <Esc> K in tcsh?  That is, I
    am used to being able to type: v<Esc>K and have it scroll back all the
    commands that start with v.
2) In tcsh, when you hit uparrow, to retrieve a previous command, you are,
   by default, in command mode; in zsh, the default is insert mode.  My
   fingers are used to typing in vi commands at this point; in zsh, I now
   have to hit escape and then the command.  Is there any way to get back
   the old behavior?  (I noticed that there are a lot of options setup to
   cater to us old (t)csh'ers - but couldn't find this one...)

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1. couple of questions (well, more than a couple)

Hello, I have a few questions relating to Linux.

First off, i have a linux kernel version 1.0.9, and i would like to upgrade.
Is there a HOWTO out there describing how to do this, and where to get
patches to upgrade the kernel?  If not, could someone email me some
ftp addresses and some instructions?

Next, I connect to my SLIP account using dip.  Think is, dip dials
my modem using pulse tone.  Its not really a problem, but i was
wondering if theres a way to make it dial using touch tone.

And finally (for now :) I've heard of a new version of linux coming
out with some kind of xwindows thingy that allows you to run
MS windows apps in X.  Last I heard it was in alpha phase.  Has it
gotten out of alpha testing, and if so, does anybody know where
i can get it? (ftp or mail order software house)


--Tommy Vielkanowitz

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